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I had such an odd dream last night. When I dream, it’s usually in vivid details with colors, people, scenes and discussions. I wake and remember the colors, intentions and actions, and sometimes even dialogue.

Last night’s dream started out grand. My husband hired someone to clean the yard! (Side note, the yard is my personal nemesis and is difficult to manage). This person, dressed in red shorts (telling me it was a hot summer day) pulled weeds and cut down bushes and raked and mowed and planted grass and in the span of the five minutes in my dream the front became a beautiful brown bed of mulch and the green grass, pristine. He even added a kids play spot.

But the weird part…he unearthed some grave sites of people who died long ago.

When he showed me the yard there were grave stones in place already. The town wouldn’t let us move the graves, but made us put up stones in honor of the dead. We became a mini cemetery.

From there I jumped to having a funeral for the already in place graves in my yard. Old people showed up dressed in black. I think there was a rabbi (I am not sure why). White chairs lined up under my full in bloom maple tree.

The neighbors congratulated me on how beautiful my yard turned out.

Most people don’t have faces in my dreams but sometimes they are people I know, people I see all the time or people I haven’t seen in years.

Mostly, no one had any faces in my dreams. But I knew one was a rabbi, another an old frail woman, and a few others were my neighbors.

I have interpreted my dreams before. So I know I colors represent specific meanings. As does the presence or lack of presence of specific elements.

Such as green being the color of not only envy, but prosperity. Green shows up a lot in my dreams. And like most superstition I interpret how I see fit. I see it as a sign of prosperity because the old people in my dream make me think of a future far far away. Prosperity in the future.

Something here tells me not to worry.

The yard is something that is always on my mind. That I’ve had difficulties with since buying the house. Is my dream saying don’t worry? Someday it’ll be beautiful? Let go of things out of your control. It isn’t worth the heartache?

But then, why the graves? The black robes and white chairs and the red shorts on the landscaper?

Now that I’ve written my dream out I’ll go and interpret the full meaning and let you know what I’ve come up with.

In the meantime, what do you think it means?