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trick or treat halloween themed illustration

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Happy October! I don’t know about you, but this is my favorite month. No, it’s not just because I am from Boston and it signifies–officially in my book–that it’s fall, even if only for a short while. Not because pumpkin spice everything (although I do like pumpkin spice some things** as long as they are gluten free), but I love October because. . .


Halloween everything. I love horror, I love scary, I love pumpkins and decorations and Halloween stores. I love dressing up and designing the kids costumes with them. I love everything about Halloween, except the huge surplus of candy we have on November 1st.

When my oldest son was young we were able to control it and give him a piece here or there. He would soon forget about it and we would donate or toss most of it as it got old.  Now he’s almost a teen and I’ll find the bag in his room half empty before the first week of November is over.

Kids don’t like candy?

orange plastic bucket

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

My youngest daughter (soon-to-be middle child), she never, ever forgets the candy exists no matter how much time is passed. She’s still talking about her Easter Candy! Despite what this New York Post article says, my kids LOVE candy.

What do you do when your kids love candy, can find every hiding spot, and nag you about it constantly? Everything in moderation I say. But, how do I get them to listen. I start by preparing them in advance. “You cannot eat all the candy!” Way in advance.

And when they want to buy all the candy in the stores, I remind them of all the candy we will soon have. “No, I am not spending $40 on two big bags of mixed candy for fun!”

What to do with all that candy?

In years past I’ve thought about donating to different events or charities that collect candy for service members. But I’ve never discussed it with the kids. So this year I think I’ll do that as well.

I also need to find some better hiding places! Not only from my kids, but from myself.

Now, time to focus on the homemade Halloween costumes straight from the kids wildest imaginations. Last year I started a little earlier.

Do you love Halloween as much as we do? How do you prevent your kids from eating ALL THE CANDY!? Do you make or buy your costumes? Tell me in the comments.

**Confession, I did indulge in a 6 pack of pumpkin spice whoopie pies from Something Sweet Without Wheat to celebrate the season. If you are gluten free and you haven’t been there you must. Be careful, it is dangerous! I try to limit myself to one a week! I’ll see how that goes!