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Today I am working on my brand portfolio, building my website, creating my logo, updating all my stationary, business cards, social media images, etc. when I got the hunger pains. The only problem was, I had hunger pains an hour before, and ate breakfast hour before that. I pushed it as long as possible before reheating an early lunch, zoodles with carrot based sauce and chicken from dinner last night.

Right on schedule, an hour passed and I am hungry again.

*Insert aggravated emoji face*

It appears I’ve entered that stage in pregnancy symptoms where I’m hungry all the time, but can only eat small portions. Twenty-six weeks pregnant down, fourteen weeks left to go, third trimester. If I eat too much, the pressure on my internal systems causes extreme GERD and forces me to reconsider why I eat food at all.

So here I am working on my branding and reaching out to potential new clients when BAM! I have to stop and find food.

Under normal circumstances, I’d grab anything and chow down on it. That is what I did with my first two pregnancies. That was also before I learned about my gluten allergy, dairy intolerance, and many other foods that make me ill and wreak havoc on my GI system.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

But, if you’ve been there, then you know how hard it is to grab food and eat it. Especially when you run out of prep and leftovers…especially in a house full of non-food sensitive people, i.e. they can all eat whatever the hell they want, and no qualms about making me feel bad.
On top of this, I had ICP in my second pregnancy. There’s between a 70 and 90 percent chance I will get ICP again with this pregnancy. I am at that stage where symptoms will present themselves. And the food I eat makes a huge difference in those symptoms. Anything with sugar is more likely to cause intense itching than foods without sugar.

Staying away from sugar is a huge plus in keeping these intense night time itching horrors at bay.

In fact, I’ve already experienced this. Staying away from sugar (or too much sugar) is a huge plus in keeping these intense night time itching horrors at bay. I know because I’ve experienced it. I’ve experienced it because this baby LOVES SUGAR! He wants all the cookies and the cakes and the candies I never ever eat. Not just to avoid sugar, but because I have those pesky food allergies too.

This isn’t such a bad thing. It not only keeps my weight down, but it keeps me from getting sick. And, after being sick every day for over two decades, I’ve had enough.

Queue all those gluten-free carb products. They are higher in fat, with less sugar. I’m eating more carbs than usual, but the baby still wants those sweets—yes I am blaming it on the baby, ha—and now I am hungry ALL THE TIME.

There is only so much salad and eggs a prego lady can eat in one day!


There is only so much salad and eggs a prego lady can eat in one day!What do you do to curve those hunger pains, especially during pregnancy? I need suggested recipes and quick food ideas stat! This Udi’s gluten-free bagel with peanut butter will only tide me over for the next hour or two!

Comment below with your help and ideas! How did you overcome the pregnancy hunger in the third trimester?