It’s crazy, I was featured in a weight loss article. I never believed this would be me. I’ve ready plenty of these stories in my life about other moms and always saying “No excuses!” Hey, I still have excuses, I just made them second to my health. I didn’t mention in this article that my life was a mess for a long time. I had to leave my full-time job, my mom was diagnosed and then passed from cancer and my husband lost his job twice in two years. It was a stressful time, but I knew how important it was then, more than I ever have, to get my health in check. Life is short, life is fleeting, life is meant to be lived!!!!
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When you have errands to run, homework to check, meals to cook and kids to kiss, taking care of yourself easily slides down to the bottom of your list of priorities. You recognize that it’s important for you to stay slim and fit, but it can be challenging to find time for workouts and healthy […]

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