Lost CreativitySome days, I am a rock star. I slide out of bed with light pain (Fibro warriors unite!) and the stiffness subsides rather quick. I find myself ready to face the day, work on my businesses, and chase my two-year-old all over the house as we run and hide from Dinosaurs! (Ahh, I said businesses and not “day job”).

I’m productive! I answer emails, make plans, turn in assignments, write my blog post (like this one), get all my dishes done, floors swept, exercise crushed, goals met, and generally have a good productive day.

Other days I literally suck at life or just plain suck period. I wake up sore, stiff, and tired. It doesn’t subside and I am still zombied-out on the couch with my two-year-old after the fourth Episode of Paw Patrol (who am I kidding. I lost count). My dishes pile up, my floors aren’t swept, the house feels trashed, beds aren’t made, and my bathrobe hasn’t left my body since stepping out of bed…2 days ago!

Sometimes I flat out suck and cannot get my shit together. I literally scream at the world why can I not get my shit together?? What’s wrong with me?!

I’m shaking my head at myself now because there is nothing wrong with me. Life is just hard and tiring sometimes. And sometimes I need to give myself a break!

And you do too.

1. Stop beating yourself up when you have an off day, week, month, or even year (I can tell you about my straight 2 years of awfulness, I never thought I would get through, in another post). It happens to even the most productive “got their shit together” people.

Nothing in life is easy and the more you want it, the harder it feels to achieve. Except it’s not. The more you want it, the less those off days and weeks hold you back. Take them for what they are and rock on when the good days come!

2. Give yourself a break. If you have Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, illness, if you are grieving, scared, lost, confused, if you are stuck in the predictable and unpredictable world of motherhood (or fatherhood), just give yourself a break and manage those feelings. It’s okay to take the time to nurture yourself if that is what you need right now. And it’s okay to just be a mom (or dad) today.

3. Yes, you will be a Rockstar again soon! Don’t dwell on the days that you really, really sucked at life and just move forward with your goals.  You will get it done and not feel so bad on your next off day.

4. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and aspirations. They will motivate, inspire, and encourage you when they don’t even know they are doing it!

5. Stop feeling guilty. Something is always sacrificed and this isn’t a bad thing. No one thing or person deserves all your attention every day except the one thing or person you want to give all your attention too.

Working mom’s feel guilty for not being home. Stay at home moms feel guilty for not working. We all have the guilt. We all put something ahead of someone else. Make your sacrifices worth it.

6. Use your off days for other things. Think and reflect on what you can do on your next Rockstar day and build a plan (this is personal and unique to you). Read a book; fiction, non-fiction, personal development…reading encourages thought and helps your mind grow. A day spent reading is never a day wasted. Do something creative like paint, draw, listen to music. Art and music enrich your mind and soul.

Some days I’ve got it and everything is clear. Other days I suck! What can I say! This life is a two-step forward, one-step back kind of process and I am just going to keep moving forward because it’s the only life I’ve got!