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girl typing on a typewriter

My makeshift office for my Saturday morning writing session is the kid desk in my son’s room with the door locked. Tomorrow it might be the laundry room; anywhere I can get privacy in a house with kids and dogs. It’s time to finish up a piece for my client and I’m thinking about all my projects. With ideas regularly popping into my head for my new clients who jumped on board and put their faith and trust in my writing business.

Looking around, there is no boss breathing down my back. No one cares if I am in my pajamas. No one cares if I don’t feel like picking up the phone and would rather send emails. No one to micromanage my every move and wonder if I’ll get it done on time even when I always get it done on time. No performance reviews to write and office drama to deal with. Instead, I am planning meetings, researching pieces, writing questions, meeting new people every day, learning something new every minute, and doing something that I love.

For years, I asked myself why I was able to put my hard work, dedication, and talent into a job that made me unhappy. How did I excel at a job that I didn’t enjoy, that I didn’t like much at all, but I could not put that kind of effort into my real passion, my real dream? Why was I half fasting my writing and giving a strong performance at my day job? I’ve been a writer since I learned to write, but for years I only saw it as a hobby. It was “something I liked” and not a way to make a life.

WHAT??!! It may have taken a few decades, but I finally listened to the universe. After the last two years (more on that another time) I learned what life was really worth living for and it wasn’t four gray walls and a headset. Giving up the steady job with the steady paycheck and benefits wasn’t easy. But life is never easy and your dream, or whatever you want, won’t be handed to you. You must go after it. Why work hard for something that makes you unhappy, when you can work hard for something you linkwell on the white backgroundove?

I thought about this the other day sitting around the table with the All
 You Got Tour team, listening to passionate, creative people speak about wanting to help others while loving what they do. The All Your Got Tour team consists of entrepreneurs from all generations coming together to bridge the connection between music, art, and understanding the social issues affecting today’s youth. Music and art programs are regularly being stripped away from kids and schools, the next generation, all over the country, while social issues like bullying, social media peer pressure,  drug addiction, and the opioid and heroin epidemic continues to threaten children and teens, families, and communities.

I’m writing about it, I’m writing about so many things. I’m doing what I always wanted. I’m excited and I’m still amazed that it’s happening. There came a time when I realized I was holding myself back and I didn’t know how to move forward. It was around that table that I finally stopped doing that…I was holding myself back, but funny thing I had it in me already. I’m sitting here now looking forward. And here I go on to an assignment!! Mom Confessions out. XOXO